HUNGARY’S AMBASSADOR to the United States, Dr. Laszlo Szabo, playing the Sitar.

What does the average person think of, when the country of Hungry comes up? That it was once part of the Soviet Union, and their most famous person of interest was ZSA ZSA GABOR.

Then someone whispered to me, that I should go see, one of Hungary’s top Jazz bands performing in Baltimore. Hungarians playing African American music. Yes, Jazz?

This I had to see. On further enquiry, I found out, that each Spring, the Capital city Budapest hosts a festival for three and a half weeks. In the midst of opera, piano concerts, theatre, circus and exhibitions, is JAZZ, with awards to top performers.

So here I am on my way to see DJABE, named Hungary’s top jazz group, at An die Musik, Baltimore. I now share with you a sample of what I saw and heard.

Cheers from Hungary to Baltimore!