Baltimore Needs A Black High Priestess

A collection of works by Oletha Devane, now on display at the Baltimore Museum of Art, through October, 2019

The headline has come to the forefront of some thought processors, because of the unbelievable amount of murders in one of the country’s major cities, Baltimore, Md. We were at 60, as of March, 2019. What can bring this to a screeching halt ? I have answered this question in previous comments, and it is not “LOCK THEM UP”.

Could it be a black priestess ? Is it because the disproportionate number is black, African American ? Blacks are unique; that accounted for their enslavement, thus their physical components required especial attention. We see this in medicine, i.e. melanin. Which race handles the sun better ? A black doctor may understand that exception that much better, than one who has not lived that experience.

The English in the 18th century called the African doctor, a WITCH DOCTOR. It was a pejorative to the African, because he had not attended a western school to obtain “their” certification. Low and behold, modern medicine uses an abundant number of ingredients harvested in Africa, (Dr. John AO Ojewole).

Medicine can be spiritual. the African has taken to this with great enthusiasm. Today the black church in America, is like a barber shop, one on almost every corner. The male pastors like the “witch doctors” have fattened themselves off the believing population, this has opened the door for the “black priestess”? Maybe, just maybe, her motherly instincts can reach the young perpetrators of crime in Baltimore and Chicago.

Oletha DeVane

OLETHA DEVANE, wants a spiritual awakening for Baltimore. As an artist she is wishing for a “priestess”. Her traces of the African American experience from Africa to America, are now at the BMA’s remodeled Spring House, where slaves were once housed.

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