VIJAY LYER, AN AMERICAN COMPOSER, on a visit to Baltimore, Md.

In recap Trayvon Martin, was 17 when gunned down by vigilante George Zimmerman, Florida 2012. Tamir Rice was 12, shot dead by a police officer, Ohio, 2014.

Children are dying with their parents crossing the Mexican border to the United States.  Boats travelled from Africa to North America (the Middle Passage) with humans chained, the WHITES ONLY signs of American history seem to be in repeat mode in 2019.

Modern William Wilberforces (Wilberforce, British Abolitionist, 1780) are making their voices heard; the question is, how do you do that, using music with no words?

This year he will be as old as my older son (Lincoln), born in 1971, a New Yorker of East Indian parents. He showed his prowess at age 3 with the violin, with genius speed he was at Yale University, trying to perhaps rewrite Einstein’s theory of relativity, but gave all that up to theories of musical composition, i.e. JAZZ

This now, professor of music at Harvard University, with 22 musical accomplishments, has identified himself with people of color and their struggles for parity. He has engulfed himself with West African and American music. He is the flagpole, and his piano is attached to his chest like a flag.

Among his many compositions is A SUITE TO TRAYVON and OTHERS.

He made a stop at the Baltimore Museum of Art, where we spoke:

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