Back in the 1960’s, “juke joints” were major hang outs for black performers. Chuck Berry made a song about these enclaves, where beer and chicken pies can be consumed “til” 6 am.

There is an up and coming town, “down the road a piece”, from Washington DC, it is called Columbia, Maryland.

There are no “juke joints” here. Restaurants, hotels, and a residential lifestyle that is the envy of many. In among those architectural admirations, is a barn; residents call it, THE OTHER BARN. Last Sunday the first floor was turned into a juke joint. No pot pies, no chicken, but light refreshments, cakeĀ  and pale wines.

Ever heard of KRISTINE KEY ? Her looks are deceiving, her voice, up the road apiece.

3 thoughts on “DOWN THE ROAD A PIECE

  1. I was at this concert! Nice sample in the video of the evening. Enjoyed the soft melodic voice of Ms Keys.


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