Arch Social Club of Baltimore Md. receiving Md. Heritage Award for 2019

The subject of traditions  came up for discussion, as it often does every summer. In Maryland we talk of music, beaches, laughter, stirred in the mix of charm and frivolity.

We, like the rest of America are a people of compromise, and as such, food and culture define our influences. The Maryland Arts Council is in its 13th year of paying tribute to the sustaining power of our traditions; and this year the spotlight beams on the ARCH SOCIAL CLUB, (African American); JAY ARMSWORTH (Blue Grass); and BOMBA & PLENA (Puerto Rican).ARCH SOCIAL CLUB, has been around since 1905, starting out on Arch street, before moving to Pennsylvania Avenue, in Baltimore:

JAY ARMSWORTHY, is the personification of all things Southern, especially Blue Grass Music.  His town in St. Mary’s County is called California, full of sunshine, southern style.

Group: Bomba and Plena

BOMBA and PLENA, hide out in Howard County, dotting themselves with music and dance, combining the influence of Cameroon slaves upon the Spanish and native Indian communities.

Chad Buterbaugh, the Maryland Director of Traditional Arts, carried the heavy load:

See you next year!

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