HOW BETTY (not Crocker) Saved A City Named SHAKESVILLE

CAITLIN WEAVER (Deputy mayor Shakesville City)

No one thought it will ever happen. It has happened in many cities all over the world, where political infighting between politicians, create a distaste, and an economic downturn for the residents.

This unbelievability became a reality in the city of SHAKESVILLE, where its biggest crop was not corn or soybeans, but music. It became apparent, that someone from afar was needed to revive the city, like the Japanese did at Nissan Motors, in recruiting a European from Renault Motors. (Carlos Ghosn).

A group of residents took it upon themselves to find the missing talent to save their world. They found a woman, and her name was BETTY, who possessed a voice that would make SHAKESVILLE rebound, as Isaac Hayes did for Memphis. (Memphis  Sound, Stax Records).

Puppets in glory for Betty’s arrival.

This all comes together in a show written and choreographed by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. A two and a half hour splash, with original songs, enhanced with puppetry, and creative costumes, that extracted continues applauses from the patrons.

Many of the songs have motivational significance, e.g. “Every seed you sow, it starts to grow into a rainbow,… don’t you know, you can change the world”.

In the finale, patrons are invited to the stage to join in a dance of rejoicing with residents of SHAKESVILLE. The city goes away for good June 16,2019.

Published by Oswald Copeland

Born 1946, Georgetown Guyana, South America. Broadcast journalist since 1968. Been living in the United States, since 1974. Has done extensive work in sales and marketing, and likes to write about culture in and around Baltimore Md. His personal passion is healthy living: Creator and Executive Editor of THECULTUREPAGEDOTCOM.

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