Joyce J. Scott

She is sitting in a wheelchair, giving off a vibrancy of confidence not often exhibited by artists, who tend to hide modestly behind their works of art.

This image is owned by The Baltimore Museum of Art. Title: PLANTATION, by jOYCE SCOTT and her mother ELIZABETH T. SCOTT

She wants to be humble, but her confidence betrays that wish. This woman who lived with a mother (ELIZABETH TALFORD SCOTT, born in 1916) is now a celebrated artist.

It is unbelievable that she lives in Sandtown, Baltimore, Md., the turbulent inner city where the subculture thrives.Her mother did quilting and needlework. She taught Joyce, who was encouraged to earn academic credits for her expertise to the point of earning her Masters Degree in Fine Arts. What a transcendence, considering her parents did not surpass sixth grade.


When one looks at her mother’s quilt, PLANTATION, one is left to ask, why is this not promoted during black history month as a scarf, turban, jacket or leggings? Any of those results I would be moved to use the over used cliché, AWSOME!!

JOYCE J SCOTT, and her mother ELIZABETH, is being honored by the BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art), with their works on display through December, 2019.

I now share with you some awesome moments I had with Miss J.

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