Feeling A Special Kind of Love

(Decor on the Wall of Terra Cafe)

Mankind’s history is peppered with such moments. A mother experiencing the exultation after giving birth. Attending a high school or college graduation; witnessing two Septuagenarians “jump the broom”.

Dr. Martin King Jr.’s speech at the Washington Monument in 1963. The Million Man March of 1995.

KIND OF BLUE was released in 1959, and featured Miles Davis, Trumpet, John Coltrane, tenor sax; both walked off the stage after their parts were done. SO WHAT ? That’s what Miles named the main tune. Kind of Blue remains the number one selling jazz album to date, according to research.

[Decor on the wall of TERRA CAFE]

This is the 50th year since the Isley Brothers made IT’S YOUR THING. They were four years ahead of Roe V. Wade, (410 U. U. 113 (1973), when women in unison proclaimed “no doubt”, “it’s mine, to give it to whom I have a special kind of love for”.

The foregoing are snippets of passion, that human element that cannot be taught, but that can be unearthed to the admiration of millions.

In this categorization of music, the spotlight is pointed to CLARENCE WARD 3rd. From Baltimore, MD., and for an experience worth seeing , a special kind of love, hang out with him at the TARA CAFE,(25th and St. Paul) Monday nights, and the the experience, may be similar to mine:

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