Dawn URSULA, as Jacqueline Marie Butler.

“My hair is so nervous it needs relaxing”. She was born in Brooklyn New York in the 1960’s, in a neighborhood where blacks were like raisins in the sun.

We sat and watched Jacqueline Marie Butler do battle through her teenage years. Her interaction with whites, Jews, and some of her friends, who did not share the exact upbringing she received; for example “PERSEPHONE”. ( Those were the days when black parents named their children after ideals. Persephone, a Greek goddess of vegetation. This was not the temperament of Jacqueline Marie’s black girlfriend).

Her father was a physician, her mother a teacher and the disciplinarian. When her mother moved her to an elite school dominated by white pupils, the social habits were revolutionary and eye opening, for JMB (Jacqueline Marie Butler).

Dawn Ursula (JMB) Pictures by Teresa Castracane

Jacqueline Marie saw her Jamaican father, Dr. Butler (physician) bring Malcolm “X” to their home, she was fascinated by the color of his eyes. Had her first kiss from a rough rider, and was willing to do more, for the wave of rebellion was rushing through her body members. What stopped her?

African American actress DAWN URSULA, is the only actor in this play entitled, QUEENS GIRL IN THE WORLD.

She voiced and acted every character afore mentioned. If you have never met a Jacqueline Marie, here’s your chance. If you are old enough and black, you may even shed a tear at the end, while engaging in a standing ovation.

QUEENS GIRL IN THE WORLD, is part 1 of 3, now playing at EVERYMAN THEATRE, in Baltimore Md. (May,2019).

Part 2 is called QUEENS GIRL IN AFRICA. How did Jacqueline Marie end up in Africa, while a teenager? Fascinating, and in part 2,  Jacqueline Marie Butler is played by ERIKA ROSE.

Published by Oswald Copeland

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