Harford Heights Elementary student, with Giada De laurentiis, celebrity chef.

In a recent journal in Pediatrics (2015), a study showed, children ages 2 to 19 received 136 calories per day from eating PIZZA.

This prompted me to look into this subject more closely. What kinds of pizzas are healthy for a growing generation?

It has to do with what goes on the crusts. Quinoa, Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, Egg Plant, Kale, Bell Peppers, Portobello Mushrooms, Zucchini, Watermelon.

Pizza does not have to be just pepperoni and cheese. So when the HORSESHOE CASINO in Baltimore Md. thought of opening up their restaurants to kids under 21, what did they think of using as a main draw for kids (children) ? PIZZA!!!

To make this a landmark occasion, GIADA LAURENTIIS of the famous Laurentiis family; (she is also famous as a chef on the FOOD NETWORK, and has a restaurant at HORSESHOE), was asked to commemorate this debut.

 A group of 5th graders from the nearby HARFORD HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY School was invited to cook pizza with GIADA. The students received lessons on building and preparing the meal; helping to place the prepped product into the oven; how to slice the finished product, and above all dine and take pictures with GIADA. I talked with the school’s principal, Danielle CROMARTIE:

“GIADA De LAURENTIIS in Baltimore Md.
Giada as coach.

Why was HARFORD HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY chosen? The relationship with the casino, has been ongoing, providing the school with necessary resources to support the students, including uniforms for sports teams, and the planting of a vegetable garden on the school grounds.

Now it’s time to see why this has been for some, the greatest pizza party to remember.

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