QUSUQUQUZAH, by Mickalene Thomas
A guest, showing one of the hairstyles of tomorrow.

What is it? It’s an essay on architectural design, and how these designs affect gender and sexuality. If you look at Architectural Magazine, many of the designs can only be found in homes of those who have the means to afford utopian art. To live in a penthouse 50 stories high overlooking a river, admiring the sunset with a glass of “Moet” in hand; while the majority use the same river to commute home after a tired days work, with store bought coffee in their hands, not champagne.

It is what brought the skyscraper into reality, the Playboy Mansion, the “Burn the Bra” revolution; the neutral gender movement, the Sleep Number Bed. It is a look at TOMORROW!

Believe it or not, the future starts with a simple, “WHAT IF?”  As,… What if all companies were owned by workers? or What if the school teacher becomes the highest paid job in America?

The Baltimore Museum of Art is asking us to engage in this discussion. However, “me thinks” artists running the country could result in a mini Armageddon, rather than the utopia without rules as most ultra artists conceive.

In the BMA’s attempt to be inclusive, this April (2019) Director Christopher Bedford opened the museum free to the public to hear two of tomorrow’s influential artists, BOOTS RILEY of the hit movie, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, and collage artist MICKALENE THOMAS. Here is a summary.

A collage of Mickalene’s art work.
Voices of tomorrow.

From Baltimore (Cherry Hill) in vocal performance, was RANDI ROBERTS; she commented on being one of tomorrow’s influential artists.

Yes she can.

Pornotopia is what got William Shakespeare to his pinnacle, Michelangelo, his Sistine Chapel ceiling; even Boots Riley said his grandmother owned a theatre in California. Taste of the best is acquired, it takes a lifetime for those not bred for that quintessential enthrallment.

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