Feeling A Special Kind of Love

(Decor on the Wall of Terra Cafe)

Mankind’s history is peppered with such moments. A mother experiencing the exultation after giving birth. Attending a high school or college graduation; witnessing two Septuagenarians “jump the broom”.

Dr. Martin King Jr.’s speech at the Washington Monument in 1963. The Million Man March of 1995.

KIND OF BLUE was released in 1959, and featured Miles Davis, Trumpet, John Coltrane, tenor sax; both walked off the stage after their parts were done. SO WHAT ? That’s what Miles named the main tune. Kind of Blue remains the number one selling jazz album to date, according to research.

[Decor on the wall of TERRA CAFE]

This is the 50th year since the Isley Brothers made IT’S YOUR THING. They were four years ahead of Roe V. Wade, (410 U. U. 113 (1973), when women in unison proclaimed “no doubt”, “it’s mine, to give it to whom I have a special kind of love for”.

The foregoing are snippets of passion, that human element that cannot be taught, but that can be unearthed to the admiration of millions.

In this categorization of music, the spotlight is pointed to CLARENCE WARD 3rd. From Baltimore, MD., and for an experience worth seeing , a special kind of love, hang out with him at the TARA CAFE,(25th and St. Paul) Monday nights, and the the experience, may be similar to mine:


Dawn URSULA, as Jacqueline Marie Butler.

“My hair is so nervous it needs relaxing”. She was born in Brooklyn New York in the 1960’s, in a neighborhood where blacks were like raisins in the sun.

We sat and watched Jacqueline Marie Butler do battle through her teenage years. Her interaction with whites, Jews, and some of her friends, who did not share the exact upbringing she received; for example “PERSEPHONE”. ( Those were the days when black parents named their children after ideals. Persephone, a Greek goddess of vegetation. This was not the temperament of Jacqueline Marie’s black girlfriend).

Her father was a physician, her mother a teacher and the disciplinarian. When her mother moved her to an elite school dominated by white pupils, the social habits were revolutionary and eye opening, for JMB (Jacqueline Marie Butler).

Dawn Ursula (JMB) Pictures by Teresa Castracane

Jacqueline Marie saw her Jamaican father, Dr. Butler (physician) bring Malcolm “X” to their home, she was fascinated by the color of his eyes. Had her first kiss from a rough rider, and was willing to do more, for the wave of rebellion was rushing through her body members. What stopped her?

African American actress DAWN URSULA, is the only actor in this play entitled, QUEENS GIRL IN THE WORLD.

She voiced and acted every character afore mentioned. If you have never met a Jacqueline Marie, here’s your chance. If you are old enough and black, you may even shed a tear at the end, while engaging in a standing ovation.

QUEENS GIRL IN THE WORLD, is part 1 of 3, now playing at EVERYMAN THEATRE, in Baltimore Md. (May,2019).

Part 2 is called QUEENS GIRL IN AFRICA. How did Jacqueline Marie end up in Africa, while a teenager? Fascinating, and in part 2,  Jacqueline Marie Butler is played by ERIKA ROSE.


Cast of JUBILEE, Picture by Margot Schulman

That day meant freedom for the slaves in Bible times, (Leviticus chapter 25) and even more so when slavery was instituted to the new world: North and South America and adjoining territories.

Jubilee for American slaves came in 1863. Fisk University (Nashville, Tennessee) seven years later created a group of singers to stun the country with voices singing with precision timing, and phrasing, that it became their tool to raise funds for the university.

Fisk, was the first higher learning institution in 1866 to offer a liberal arts education to men and women “irrespective of color “. In the beginning, they were not called JUBILEE SINGERS, but by 1871, the name was attached. The group was made of students, they were free people, their jubilee had arrived.

From the history pages of Fisk University

ARENA STAGE in Washington D.C. is staging a must see production (May June,2019) called JUBILEE: a look at the journey of this remarkable group, that survived for almost 30 years.

This is not all singing of the so called Negro Spirituals but it relives assaults from hate groups, and the difficulty of managing high strung personalities.

While I sat there I heard voices in unity, softly humming some of the spirituals.

Cast of JUBILEE, Picture by Margot Schulman

The lighting and images throughout the production are enthralling. After the show I spoke with one of the stars, SEAN MAURICE LYNCH (Frederick Loudin).


Harford Heights Elementary student, with Giada De laurentiis, celebrity chef.

In a recent journal in Pediatrics (2015), a study showed, children ages 2 to 19 received 136 calories per day from eating PIZZA.

This prompted me to look into this subject more closely. What kinds of pizzas are healthy for a growing generation?

It has to do with what goes on the crusts. Quinoa, Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, Egg Plant, Kale, Bell Peppers, Portobello Mushrooms, Zucchini, Watermelon.

Pizza does not have to be just pepperoni and cheese. So when the HORSESHOE CASINO in Baltimore Md. thought of opening up their restaurants to kids under 21, what did they think of using as a main draw for kids (children) ? PIZZA!!!

To make this a landmark occasion, GIADA LAURENTIIS of the famous Laurentiis family; (she is also famous as a chef on the FOOD NETWORK, and has a restaurant at HORSESHOE), was asked to commemorate this debut.

 A group of 5th graders from the nearby HARFORD HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY School was invited to cook pizza with GIADA. The students received lessons on building and preparing the meal; helping to place the prepped product into the oven; how to slice the finished product, and above all dine and take pictures with GIADA. I talked with the school’s principal, Danielle CROMARTIE:

“GIADA De LAURENTIIS in Baltimore Md.
Giada as coach.

Why was HARFORD HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY chosen? The relationship with the casino, has been ongoing, providing the school with necessary resources to support the students, including uniforms for sports teams, and the planting of a vegetable garden on the school grounds.

Now it’s time to see why this has been for some, the greatest pizza party to remember.


QUSUQUQUZAH, by Mickalene Thomas
A guest, showing one of the hairstyles of tomorrow.

What is it? It’s an essay on architectural design, and how these designs affect gender and sexuality. If you look at Architectural Magazine, many of the designs can only be found in homes of those who have the means to afford utopian art. To live in a penthouse 50 stories high overlooking a river, admiring the sunset with a glass of “Moet” in hand; while the majority use the same river to commute home after a tired days work, with store bought coffee in their hands, not champagne.

It is what brought the skyscraper into reality, the Playboy Mansion, the “Burn the Bra” revolution; the neutral gender movement, the Sleep Number Bed. It is a look at TOMORROW!

Believe it or not, the future starts with a simple, “WHAT IF?” ¬†As,… What if all companies were owned by workers? or What if the school teacher becomes the highest paid job in America?

The Baltimore Museum of Art is asking us to engage in this discussion. However, “me thinks” artists running the country could result in a mini Armageddon, rather than the utopia without rules as most ultra artists conceive.

In the BMA’s attempt to be inclusive, this April (2019) Director Christopher Bedford opened the museum free to the public to hear two of tomorrow’s influential artists, BOOTS RILEY of the hit movie, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, and collage artist MICKALENE THOMAS. Here is a summary.

A collage of Mickalene’s art work.
Voices of tomorrow.

From Baltimore (Cherry Hill) in vocal performance, was RANDI ROBERTS; she commented on being one of tomorrow’s influential artists.

Yes she can.

Pornotopia is what got William Shakespeare to his pinnacle, Michelangelo, his Sistine Chapel ceiling; even Boots Riley said his grandmother owned a theatre in California. Taste of the best is acquired, it takes a lifetime for those not bred for that quintessential enthrallment.