After Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter  of Morgan State University Choir
Nathan Carter of Morgan State University Choir

What happens to one psychologically if one is  surrounded by that “thing” from infancy? It becomes the replica in similarity to a pebble thrown into the water of a still pond, concentric circles, the results, almost an indefinite remnant.
On July 15th, 2004, Dr. Nathan Carter died of pancreatic cancer. He was the Professor of Music, Morgan State University, Baltimore Md.
He was one of the outstanding Carter men; his brother still alive, pastor, New Shiloh Baptist Church, in Baltimore Md. His mother was a pianist, his father a minister; so singing and preaching echoed and bombarded his brainwaves from infancy. He was one of the firsts to embrace the Afro, coupled with a smile of “Colgate, Crest, Pepsodent?” (you name it) white teeth. It is said his perfection ran from looks of elegance, to a personality of “come join me”,  making his students think they were in the presence of angels.

The Morgan State Choir incorporated the ordinary and the gifted, and applauses followed their appearances like voices crescendoing from earth to the heavens. In metaphor, “The King” “El Cid” is dead! At 68, “What Now? !”
Dr. Clayton Stansbury, professor Emeritus, Morgan State University.


Epworth United Methodist Church this year, (2019) hosted the New Morgan State University Choir, under their newly enshrined leader, Dr. Eric A. Conway. I was there; but first, still full of vigor, an octogenarian, and one of the pillars of Epworth Dr. Clayton Stansbury:

Dr. Clayton Stansbury

Dr. C. Anthony Hunt, Pastor, Epworth Chapel, Baltimore.

I now present to you, two samplings of the new choir:

Morgan State University Choir

Morgan State University Choir

IIs the choir in good hands, after Nathan Carter ? The concentric circles have kept rolling on, and on and on.

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