” Peel Me A Grape”

Laura Haywood,Creator of One World Coffee House Concerts

It is not easy to ignore her voice. When I heard her utter those words, I had a throwback to movie star Mae West, famous for the line, “COME UP AND SEE ME SOMETIME”

What follows the “grape” line is often  hair raising. This particular night, the voice was not coming from a redhead or a blonde, though the hue of her skin can accommodate any hair color. West was New York, sultry and wicked. 

“Skin me a peach”; “Chill me some wine” “Here’s how to be an agreeable chap”. She could have been talking to me, but I doubt it. Classical Jazz night in Columbia Md. was featuring LAVENIA NESMITH, taking us all at THE COFFEE HOUSE, down memory lane.

Wayne Wilentz, Pianist.

Thad Wilson, Trumpeter

This is the 20th Anniversary of One World Coffeehouse Concerts, sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia. (Oneworldcoffeehouse@uucolumbia.net)

James King, bassist.

Columbia Md., has become the Gibraltar in bringing people together, establishing one center for use by any religious denomination.

Lenny Robinson, Drums.

Now let’s get back to peeling that grape for LAVENIA.

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