The Day I Met Sharon

Because of the vantage point from which I stand, I get numerous invitations to events including concerts, plays, recitals etc. I try to make as many without being discriminatory; however I am, when it comes to comedy: the language often sprayed with four letter words of vulgarity, not helpful for the culture I am promoting.

I decided on meeting SHARON because I was intrigued and curious. She was only available to see me on this particular Sunday. Her location was in the heart of East Baltimore, Md., and I  came to find out this has been home for decades.

The drive up to her location was laden with cars double parked, and security to her entrance door. It was the 53rd Annual Benefit Concert, with special guest, THE HAMPTON UNIVERSITY CONCERT CHOIR, of Virginia.

This SHARON, is not a woman,(as beautifully photographed above), but an old Baptist Church waiting for an endowment.