If It Walks Like A Duck

Pat Bianchi, of P B Quintet

“And quacks like a duck, it must be a duck!” If you have never heard or seen such a statement, you are not from earth.

The PAT BIANCHI Quintet is on stage. It is a jazz quintet, with Pat having an eye popping history, with him playing the organ at the age of 7, and professionally associated with stardom at 11; from Rochester New York, he studied at Berklee in Boston.

It was no wonder that he became part of the Lou Donaldson quartet in 2009. Pat is on the Hammond B3, with Lou excelling on the Alto sax. But Lou is not on stage at this event, however, there is this other guy, blowing notes, that the black birds started looking at each other, in exclamation!

Folks around me who probably saw the great John Coltrane, began whistling with excitement. So then, who is this guy? I ran through his bio that was given to me. His name is TROY ROBERTS; has worked Joey DeFrancesco, Aretha Franklin, travelled Europe, and has a Masters Degree from the University of Miami, after obtaining his bachelor’s at 19. Who is this brother?

Troy Roberts

Okay; the duck analogy is correct except one thing, there is nothing ethnically African about him, his dominant pigmentation is of East Indian origin. Would I discover the same thing with Pat Bianchi, he is of Italian heritage! But what was of more interest to me, is his tutoring of music at Temple University in Philadelphia.

The Baltimore Chamber Jazz Society brings Ingrid Jensen to the BMA on March 3rd, 2019.

The Pat Bianchi Quintet

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