Lose Weight Caribbean Style

In the Caribbean exercise clubs are not as plentiful as can be found elsewhere in the world. These folks live near the equator, drink clean heavy water, eat lots of fresh fruit, and sing and dance incessantly. It is winter here in North America, and we have just survived Christmas, where for some the continuum of eating and drinking, which began with the Thanksgiving season in November, has pushed stomachs beyond the sight of their toes, with knees, arms and cheeks at several ends of the body overwhelmed.

Young Trinidadians living in the capital, Port-of-Spain can quickly go cross-town faster than an automobile using the hills of Laventille. Their bodies stay trim. Dancing all day in the streets behind masquerade and steel bands leave them lithesome.

So many have emigrated to North America. Outdoor garden parties are limited to the summer months; by that time the confinement and eating habits have spawned unhealthy pictures. “So what to do boy?” in typical Caribbean parlance; go to “a jump up!”  I attended one.

Taj Weekes and Adowa

Bob Marley, the Jamaican Reggae superstar, was born February 6th, 1945. Creative Alliance in East Baltimore (a cultural venue) for the past 11 years has celebrated his birthday annually, with a “jump up!”

Three hours of nonstop original reggae, with the main highlight being TAJ WEEKES, and his band ADOWA.

Taj Weekes

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