Snow, Coffee, Wine and Jazz

The Susan Jones Trio

Early January 2019, clumps of snow showing the meltdown, while the wind whistles. It’s hump day, and the population is getting restless about the weather conditions, as uncertain as the political climate. “I’m sick and tired and cannot take it anymore!” Actually the movie portrayed it differently, with Peter Finch, in 1976, playing television anchor man, Howard Beale:

Yes, here in Baltimore Md. its restless. We are at the foot of the White House, where that Halloween party continues, while the grounds personnel (Federal employees) were left to raid food pantries.

The Susan Jones Trio

Some took Howard’s advice and went out into the street; took a break for wine, coffee and jazz. I went to see an old friend, violinist SUSAN JONES. She and friends were at the 49th Street Cafe in Annapolis Md.

Susan Jones says “Good night !”



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