He is six feet four, 220 pounds, massive shoulders, on which stands a head, that if he were to hit you  in a head butt, you might die.

He is angry about the untimely deaths of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gay, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, his fellow Moors.

“From whence doth such anger emit?” (my words) “SPEAK OF ME AS I AM!” the words of the Moor. Is that not Shakespeare? Wow! Not Ebonics? He felt the discrimination, and is breathing uncontrollably.  His passion is synced with ANDREW GILLUM, who lost the 2018 Florida elections. “WTF!”, he shouted.

He is in love with DESDEMONA, but she is not with him today; he has seen Kanye West with his Desdemona; the Moor began beating his chest several times, more anger, more hate. He thought of O.J. Simpson (once America’s darling) but later like his forefather,(OTHELLO) was brought before the white senate, accused of.. what? ” MURDER !!!” ; the Moor screamed again “MOTHER F!!!!!”


I’m in Anacostia, southEast Washington D.C. The name of the play is AMERICAN MOOR, starring KEITH HAMILTON COBB.

I have run into all kinds of kindred claiming to be Moorish American. Okay Moors, here’s your play. Black Muslims who shout “as salaam alaikum”, here’s your chance through February 3rd, 2019, at the Anacostia Playhouse.