Spittin with Your Feet


Talking about the love of dance, Brinae Ali at An de Musiq

Hip hop is steeped in the loins of Africans. Go to any African village, their method  of communication follows a pattern starting with vocalization; depending on what is being related, hand and eye movements will follow, and then the feet.

In church the Africans unlike the Europeans use the call and response method, that led to politics, “WHAT DO WE WANT?”, answer,…”JUSTICE!”

In the Caribbean islands there is this overwhelming display at Christmas, when African descendants of small band-groups, travel from house to house playing music, singing and dancing daily for two weeks, until the end on New Year’s day.

When modern Hip Hop, said ” throw your hands in the air, and act like you don’t care”! The Sugar Hill Gang was inadvertently paying homage to  centuries of African folklore, without really knowing it. That hip hop became more rhythmic after the performers imbibed liquid above 80 proof, the bellow was, “FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW!

Then there was the scantily clad masquerade band found in the Caribbean and South America:

The scantily clad masquerade band in the Caribbean found Harlem New York by way of New Orleans. African descendants were “spittin” (hip hop) in microphones and brass instruments: Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Satchmo Armstrong, Miles Davis. Mink, wool and cashmere coats were worn by who’s who, so too were spats; another way of,  SPITTIN WITH YOUR FEET.

And then came TAP, and Mister Bill Bojangles Robinson, who became the most highly paid African American entertainer in the first half of the 20th century, he was “spittin with his feet”.

Fast forward to December 9th, 2018, BRINAE ALI,(choreographer) teams up with SEAN JONES (musical instructor) to spit like their fore parents did:

We now have an opportunity to hear these artistes in their own words:


Spittin with your feet. It’s an inheritance; if you don’t have it, you didn’t get it.


Jenkins and Dugger

Arterius Jenkins and promoter Milton A. Dugger Jr.

It is described as a “sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, with happy personal associations”.

This yearning has taken root in the bones, brains and bowels of a generation of persons born prior to the end of the second world war. This generation went to the moon, made politics democratic, made the Beatles famous, Little Richard a household name, and sang with the Platters as black girls fell in love “pretending” they were in lovers paradise.

On November 24, 2018, a group from that generation (most of them Septuagenarians) was scheduled to attend an event to relive the music that made millionaires of many black artists. It did not matter whether they could see, walk or hear well; they wanted to feel the rhythm and sing the songs that helped them fall in love, and produce the succeeding offspring.

It was pouring rain in Baltimore all day. I was waiting to hear whether a cancellation would be forwarded by the main originator, Milton A. Dugger Jr.

I was wrong, it was as though the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was visiting. Nostalgia, can be a killer!

Now it became time to pay attention to an upcoming star in the Baltimore area. Of all the ones who have tried to replace LUTHER VANDROSS, it appears the following video contains the one who just might: