IT’s Hard out Here for A Pimp

This avant garde artist competed and won in the R&B Soul category.

Her name is MOVAKWEEN

Tuesday Night March 7, 2006, a night for Oscar winners! And who won the Best Original Song? Three 6 Mafia: an African American (BLACK) hip hop group, from Memphis Tennessee, with rap song, It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp.

Could a group or person from Baltimore, ride the same shock wave to stardom? We keep trying. So, in the summer of 2018, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts, linked up with the Hard Rock Cafe to hold a Sound Off.  Musical Artists of different persuasions were invited to demonstrate their unique talents.

Quite an ideal setting with Hard Rock located in the Inner Harbor, visitors to Baltimore, and us residents intoxicating ourselves with food and beverages while entertained, via live performances, with bay breezes adding to the atmospherics.

This event ran for a week, and like buying a car, each act was categorized, “hence best in class”; but in the end there will be only one overall winner.

This month, November 2018, I got word that the overall winner, is PBC (Pitches Be Crazy). Comedians can have fun with that first word. They are a multi-racial five piece band that does rock, R&B, Rap, Funk, and top 40 hits of the past 40 years. I had a conversation:

PITCHES BE CRAZY, of Baltimore Maryland.

Roc Writah
ROC WRITAH, represented the Hip Hop generation among us.


The  Adams family


Cha Cha

Who’s calling who, a “pimp”? Yep, they all are trying to get paid. Pimping is not only for “hustlers”  “Eh!”

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