I Wish I was 30, Again

Face of Breast Cancer Survivor
Mondawmin Mall, Baltimore Md. October, 2018


Those first 30 years of life; many of us squandered them. We drank, smoked, partied, engaged in the blood, sweat and tears movements. Not giving a “care” to what goes in our bodies, seeking happiness and having fun. We were like the equestrians, very cavalier, “hip”.

For many that lifestyle later hit speed bumps, i.e. cancer, stroke, diabetes. Hopes were dashed. However, some rose like phoenixes from such desserts, and began looking forward to the next 30 years.

African Americas (blacks) have the highest death rate of any racial or ethnic group in the United States, when it comes to cancers.

Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore Md., is surrounded primarily by black neighborhoods of Druid Hill, Whitelock, Lower Park Heights, and a major subway station. It was the appropriate venue to showcase how one can look after a bout with the BIG “C”.

Take a look: 


Wearing it proudly

Cancer survivor at Mondawmin Mall, Baltimore Md.

Thanksgiving in some households, is tantamount to homecoming . Yes, it can feel like  being 30, again!


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