A Symphony of Two


Most events where there’s a duo, the combo is usually vocalist and guitar, drummer and guitarist, with either one subbing as a vocalist. However, what if you were asked to attend a performance of a cellist and a flutist, and no singing. My curiosity factor jumped sky high.

The other factor would be, where would such a performance be held? Someone’s wedding? Graduation? Executive promotion?

How about An de Music, downtown Baltimore Md.

I arrived to hear cellist BEN LARSEN and flutist MARTHA CARGO, with Ms. Cargo at times playing an instrument I have not heard of or seen before, the bass flute.


Martha Cargo, playing her bass flute

 Martha Cargo playing the bass flute

The people of India, are known musically for their tablas and sitars  Writing an Indian classical piece for cello and flute? A daring undertaking when Rena wrote NADIA: 

Ben and Martha later demonstrating more of  their skill sets:

An die Musik is located at 409 N. Charles Street, in Baltimore Md.

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