He is six feet seven inches tall. A black man dressed in black, looking down at you, can be menacing and frightening. But he is a gentle giant.

He is inspired by what he has seen in the streets. What’s in the streets? For the most part garbage. Folks alight  buses, eating candy, chicken boxes, don’t look for trash cans, and litter the streets; CIGARETTE BUTTS, blunt ends, beer cans, left over sexual paraphernalia, lipstick, eye shadow, and unwanted coffee. Not to forget the youth looking for direction, but lost in the maze, thus confining themselves  to the lower rung of the ladder. BRADFORD turned what he saw, into abstract art, stunning the world. Yes, there is truth in the old adage, “what is one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure”.

 MARK BRADFORD’S work is now at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Here he is, in his own words at the BMA:

Raidne_Medusa_Thelxiepeia_photo Joshua White

 RAIDNE,MEDUSA, from MARK BRADFORD. Photo by Joshua White.

Spoiled Foot_photo Joshua White

Another larger than life presentation by Mark Bradford, an exhibition now at the Baltimore Museum of Art.



MarkBradford_photo Carlos Avendaño

In his image, MARK BRADFORD