Mendacity, a Sign of the Times

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Media Gallery2

Cosmetics is a multibillion dollar industry. In the 18th century when men of stature wore shoulder length wigs, it was never conceived that such paraphernalia could be afforded by the ordinary. One local weatherman in Baltimore Md., started his stint wearing a toupee; he later came clean for all to see his bald spot, and he has been loved even better.

With the digital revolution in full swing, a man can fall in love with a gorgeous specimen sent to his mobile phone, only to fall into utter despair, when he sees her “for real, for real” , is no way near what he has on his phone. He became casualty to MENDACITY! Stormy Daniels, (the exotic dancer in the Donald Trump Affair) said she felt the same way.

Today mendacity has been trivialized by those who lack the love for words in their contexts, thus mendacity has been replaced by “FAKE”.

Mendacity is, one having the tendency to lie.

Why do you think when Tennessee Williams wrote CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, it became a block buster?

The public saw the facade of a rich white southern family experiencing the same things as “the have nots”: lying, cheating, scheming, sexual dissatisfaction and willing to do the utmost to gain an advantage.

The play now running at CenterStage Baltimore, is three hours long; make sure you are not tired when you attend. We are in 2018, and 1955 has a repeat. This is more than about the human “cat” in the white dress. At the end, you may ask yourself, in 2016, “was I a victim to mendacity?

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Media Gallery4