Through the Eyes of Two Women

Jackie Miland’s use of acrylic and paper.

When Marco Polo journeyed to Asia, particularly China, he was so impressed he learned the language. But what has sustained interest in China is its art. It began with handwriting (calligraphy) poetry, then combining those skills to design earthenware for the Emperor, thus the porcelain cups, dishes referred to as “china”, then “the china closet”

CINDY CHENG, is a Baltimore artist, who has tried to run away from her inherited endowment, but has decided to let her DNA to be known to the world. She is part of a two women exhibition, THE THING IS CLOSE, now running at the SCHOOL 33 ART CENTER , at 1427 Light Street in Baltimore.

I talked to her about the creation O, BEAUTIFUL, which combines not only Chinese ceramic technology, but engineering, that is now catapulting the Yen to values not hither to realized.

Cindy Cheng, use of blinds, epoxy clay and paper.

Delighted to see a piece from Jackie Milad
Visitor excited about Jackie Milad’s work.
Grand Opening of THE THING IS CLOSE
Rain did not stop visitors to the grand opening.

Cindy’s partner at the exhibition is JACKIE MILAD, another Baltimorean, with Egyptian and Honduran backgrounds.

Interestingly, we do know that both Marco Polo an Christopher Columbus were Europeans, Columbus discovering Honduras, and bringing the Spaniards to inhabit that Caribbean island.

Milad’s work is filled with masks, with a series of messages hidden for viewers to find. The Egyptian and Honduran culture can be morbid, with similarities to the American Indian, and the brutalities the tribes suffered at the hands of the Europeans.

Can this exhibition, THE THING IS CLOSE, awaken the need for us to be closer

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