Crying Black Women in Baltimore

Cherise Irons. in personDr.Destiny-Simone Ramjohn in person

They have suffered perhaps more than any other race in America and the world. Watched their babies grow up under various circumstances uniquely tailored to their race, and they are still here, still crying.

Through the disproportionate numbers of untimely deaths by suicide, drugs, gunfire and murder. Could Barack Obama’s campaign slogan be reinvented? TIME FOR A CHANGE, YOU CAN BELIEVE IN! ?

A group of women under the guise of Dr. Lamar Darnell Shields, brought their hurts to the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, in Baltimore Md. I was there, I now share the hurt with you:

Ladawn Black in person

Rado personality and marriage counselor, LaDawn Black.

Dr. Kaye in person

Activist, relationship counselor and radio personality. Dr. Kaye Whitehead.