Hair on a Black Woman’s Head

African fashion on display.
At the Baltimore Natural Beauty Symposium, summer 2018.
A Head Shot.
Wig or not?
Dreadz N Headz
Malaika’ logo
Turning Headz
Malaika Cooper’s thrust, making the African American woman turn heads.

For any woman, her hair projects her identity. It is said that over a woman’s lifetime, she would have spent over 50 thousand dollars on hair products!

There is short hair, long hair, and in some circles color matters: eh,eh! blondes?

“A crown of beauty”, though Biblical still has relevance today, so much so men have joined the identity crisis, some trying to extend theirs past their butts, and in “living” colors, thus at times throwing one’s eyes into confusion to identify the gender.

“Our hair is who we are” one black woman said, Whose hair? All black women are not gifted with long hair, so as has been heard, “if I bought it, it’s mine”.

Technology has made the black woman a victim. She can buy a wig, and all kinds of extensions: tape-ins, glue-ins, protein bonds.

MALAIKA COOPER, wants to thrash all that, and is holding symposiums all over the country, about empowering the black woman about her natural hair. I attended one of her events in Baltimore Md. this summer (2018)


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