Another LaFayette Affecting Change in America

Sax Sounds in the garden
Jamaal Moore, played sax and flute this summer (2018) with LaFayette Gilchrist and company, at the Baltimore Museum of Art.
Lafayette Gilchrist, a man with a plan and a piano.
LaFayette, bringing change to America., starting in Baltimore MD.
Guest Mistress of Ceromonies
From Radio One (95.9 FM Baltimore) Noree Noree.

He was wounded at the battle of Brandywine, in Pennsylvania. He was a French General who helped America fight the British to gain Independence.

HIs name is all over the country, streets and parks carry his name. And he came from the aristocracy.


Lafayette Gilchrest loves jazz, funk, rock and even the blues, and is not from the aristocracy. Further, he is from Baltimore Md., does not speak French, and his roots are from Africa. He is black.

He is not a Mason (as general Lafayette was), has no park with his name on it, but has been in many a garden, changing its landscape; as in this summer when he and his group rode into the garden of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Lafayette Gilchrist, (keyboard artist) is changing America, starting in Baltimore Md.


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