Another Try for Park Heights


  “Park Heights”, Baltimore Maryland. Once a thriving and essential part of the Baltimore, community, this gave rise to an important throughway to downtown.

The civil rights movement came through in the 1960’s, then white flight took shape, and the separation was even more palpable: the less fortunate remained in what conversationally had the label, “lower Park Heights”; residents north of Northern Parkway, labeled “Upper Park Heights”. “Lochearn”, “Randallstown”, “Owings Mills”.

Neglect spawned unemployment, and its twin, crime. There is no industry of merit in Lower Park Heights. Pimlico Race Track, is for retirees, who don’t want to fight traffic to visit LIVE and HORSHOE casinos.

This community is primarily black, and Sinai the only hospital, (Provident Hospital, long gone) carries a patient load that is overwhelmingly black. It is summer 2018, and someone ought to try something to make the residents feel good about themselves.

George Mitchell of, took over the Langston Hughes Elementary School, and converted it to a Community Business Center, full of educational and business activities.

For those who remember when, he has added JAZZ throughout this summer, starting this month (June), with the DT Express. Take a look:

Denise Thomas live in concert
June 2018, lead vocalist, Denise Thomas in concert at the Langston Hughes Business Center, Park Heights, Baltimore Md.

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