I Want to Be with Jesus

Eric Byrd Trio

(L-R) Bhagwan Khalsa (bass); Eric Byrd (piano); Al Young (drums).

For some it can be a wonderful experience, to get dressed and attend a Jazz performance.

For some it can provide a chance to sit back and reminisce of the days gone by, when Jazz was King, and the lady did sing the “blues”.

Back then, musicians waited to be discovered, took chances to play in major cities, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. Technology has changed all that. In one instrument, there can be horns, piano, and drums.Sound studios are simpler to establish, with engineering components more readily available.

Smoke filled rooms with drinks, big cigars, loud laughter, and women carrying prodigious proportions, completed the atmosphere, of times not long gone.

Today, a modification has creviced; the vintage are grey, still love to shake their feet, and have added a layer to the jazz rhythm, JESUS.

From Randallstown Maryland, the Eric Byrd Trio.