Catherine Pugh is Missing

Baltimore Md. mayor Catherine Pugh

Baltimore Mayor,Catherine Pugh.

Morgan University singer

Paying tribute to the new Harriet Tubman Park in Baltimore Md., one of Morgan State University’s finest.

On Saturday March 10,2018 a few hundred people assembled in Wyman Park, Baltimore Md., for the rededication of a space that once honored Confederates Robert E. Lee, and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

Harriett Tubman, the black abolitionist will now occupy that space. Mama Tubman died 105 years ago, this day. What a day ! This is March, the month designated to honor women’s contributions to the upliftment of societies around the world!

Mayor Catherine Pugh, did not show for this rededication, missing was the former mayors, Stephanie Rawlings Blake and Sheila Dixon. I believe Marilyn Mosby (State’s Attorney, Baltimore City) could be the most dynamic black mayor period, and she too, was a “no Show”. I could call names of black female council women, and senators, including the executive Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, Cheryl D. Glenn, and Baltimore is very familiar with Senator Nathaniel McFadden, seen posing on social media with Ray (footballer) Lewis. Also absent.

Harriet Mama Tubman was born here in Maryland, and possibly rescued, many of the forefathers of the   aforementioned blacks, yet they saw it not fit to show up in 30 degree weather to honor the occasion. Mary Pat Clarke a white city Council legislator, who served with Stephanie Rawlings Blake, when she was a council woman, appeared and had a prominent role. Harriet paved the way for her too?

So much for black role models, who come looking for your support at election time. Baltimore ought to adopt the Trump slogan, “drain the swamp” of do nothing black leaders.

Dave Stryker Pays Tribute to Marvin and others.

Dave Stryker, autographing CD's

At the Baltimore Museum of Art, Jazz Guitarist Dave Stryker.

Mc Clenty Hunter, Jazz drummer

From Columbia Md., jazz drummer with the Dave Stryker Quintet, Mcclenty Hunter, signing CD’s at the Baltimore Museum of Art.


There is no doubt that the current political climate in our country has given resurgence to an acute awareness to political consciousness. This has pushed Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., way up into the stratosphere. While some of Caucasian decent exploit the division to stay in power, many abhor the division of the “sea”.

Music has forever been the gel of collusion. The infectious spirit, has raised the finger to traditions; emotions from all four corners of the globe have congealed in glee, especially when a concert is evented.

THE BALTIMORE CHANMBER JAZZ SOCIETY, continues to make this a happening, when last Sunday they scheduled the DAVE STRYKER QUINTET, featuring WARREN WOLF, on vibraphone, and Mc CLENTY HUNTER on drums; two African American artistes rising on the shoulders of DAVE (guitar) BOB MINTZER (sax) and JARED GOLD (organ).

CURTIS MAYFIELD and MARVIN GAYE would have been proud to see and hear their music converted to the jazz genre, especially, “Pusher Man” and “Trouble”.

The Baltimore Museum of Art was filled to capacity. A highly appreciative audience, that longed for the days of old, when freedom and inclusion, were embraced, not division.