Valerie Fenton
A stoic still pose, that will cause your chest to vibrate, as you watch this play.
Jose Guzman
Jose Guzman (Leontes, King of Sicilia) is simply outstanding.

“The tests show you are the father!” Right now, you are not watching MAURY, of the Maury Povich Show; but those words are the ones associated with a television program that highlights infidelity.

In ancient history, men in power ruled at will, fathered children, some of whom were sold into slavery, hundreds exiled for “whatever” reason. There was no DNA testing, no child support courts, no MAURY.

It is interesting and fascinating to watch two giraffes fight in the jungle over a female. The loud sounds of two males slapping elongated necks as they connect, making sounds similar to the cloudbursts  when there is an impending rain storm.

Today these “cloudbursts” yet occur, though on television, some sitcoms: the PEOPLES COURT, DIVORSE COURT, and as aforementioned, MAURY.

The CHESAPEAKE SHAKESPEARE Company, of Baltimore Md. is currently presenting THE WINTER’S TALE, by William Shakespeare.

16 actors two acts, and I am recalling MAURY, before television was; about men of power, their jealousies, awful pungent behavior, and why the #ME TOO movement, took this long to surface.

This is Shakespeare in the sixteenth century, thus the language, “me thinks dot” may isolate you some; however the talent is outstanding, with a theatrical end to rival any on the Las Vegas strip, with the spotlight on JOSE GUZMAN and VALERIE FENTON.

This “brow of much distraction” concerning a “wife” who is branded “slippery” could yet make you utter oh so softly, “If love be blind, it best agrees with night”.

 Valerie Fenton talks about her role as Queen Hermione of Sicilia.

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