Mitch McConnell
On the right, Senate leader US, 2017, Mitch McConnell. Is that Caesar, berating the Honorable?

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him”. Quote (Act III, Scene II)


Modern Julius Ceasar
Ron Heneghan as Brutus. Photo by Tamara Hoffer.

There was conflict in the Roman Republic; it did not elect a King, this was the time for “vox populi vox dei”. Caesar had accumulated that much power, some wanted him as King others as God. The Romans had just conquered the Greeks, who were mesmerized with human god worshiping. How was the republic to be saved? It was up to the senate. Brutus came up with a plan, lure Caesar to the senate chamber, and assassinate him, each taking a stab, as a community effort.

The senate felt Caesar was going to destroy them and rule infinitum. This happened some 44 years before Christ came to the earth. There have been many dictators since; but America has never had one. Could this be our year? (2017).

Our current president, has demonstrated all the characteristics of Caesar, where core supporters ride through the streets as much as saying “hail Caesar!” with their bumper stickers, and demands of worshiping the flag or else.

WE have seen the ridicule of the senate, and American mothers described by “Julius” as “bitches”. It was up to the senate to save the Roman Republic, would it be up to the current senate to save the American Republic? Will Mitch McConnell be our modern day Brutus?

Julius Caesar, the play, is appropriately running in Baltimore, at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company theatre, downtown.  There are several twists in this production: no togas, all modern day clothing, and Mark Anthony’s speech, quoted above, is delivered by Briana Manente, (a woman, see interview).

Just imagine the irony, the American Caesar, who has a penchant for belittling women, is saved by one.

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