ARP in Baltimore for 3 Days

Artscape 17 one
A rare art, Shoes made by hand in America
Artscape 17, two
Here’s the proof
Artscape 2017, Baltimore, MD.
The art of words on a Tee Shirt
Artscape 17, Baltimore Md.
Animals for your wall collection
Artscape 17, Baltimore Md.
Depicting a hurricane on a plate for collectors.

Artscape, Rain and Politics.

It is now 37 years since its debut, this free concert, that keeps attracting artists from all over the country, many of whom you may not have know before now.

33 Pavilions, from Morgan State University, to the new Parkway Theatre at Charles and North Avenue; Baltimore for three days became a Vegas town: food, fun and fantasy.

Rain has always been a threat to any outdoor activity in the summer, but this year (2017) it “took the cake”. there was no art to depict the affects and effects of global warming, none that I saw. You are aware of the saying, “you can run, but you can’t hide”; it became quite appropriate, for two of the three days at Artscape this year.

This was the time for half price sale signs to go up at all the booths, for patrons to dash out of their hiding places to grab deals; the signs never went up.

A young politician took advantage of the crowd, his name is Wesley West, running for the Maryland House of Delegates. (See video).

The biggest draw appeared to be Robert Randolph and the Family Band; his specialty, playing the steel guitar with his feet. (video).

ARP. No, it is not a disease, a rock band, or carnival act. Just Artscape, Rain and Politics.


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