Pastor Paul : As my wife and first lady, I thought you, if no one else, would defend my thoughts on hell!

First Lady, Elizabeth: I am haunted. That sermon has divided the church, many have left, where are you getting these thoughts and ideas from?

Pastor Paul: From God. He inspired me , and we built this church from nothing, to now a mega church, and just made the last payment on the mortgage. Amen!

Lady Elizabeth: When you saw me on that plane, and had the “powerful urge to communicate with me“, I saw the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I saw the church grow, to have elders, assistant pastors, a board of directors, and the birth of our daughter; but this thing about hell is different to anything I have heard or read. My tears are flowing, I love you dearly, but I cannot stay. Like many others I have to leave you, taking our daughter, to stay at my sister’s.

The above is one of the most poignant moments in the play THE CHRISTIANS, at Center Stage (Baltimore), through  October 8th.

Biblical and interpretations make men, who become attached to women, thus children, family, then multiplied by such beliefs into congregations consequentially, the phenomenon of the mega church. Beliefs either congeal or divide.

My above transposing of the Pastor and his wife feuding is not unheard of in religious circles, Christendom is filled with this, so much so that many may say, “YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN!” Why?

A proffered  idea contrary to anything ever espoused by an inspired or learned touter of the Bible, can produce hate or a following.

The playwright has inserted various texts from the Hebrew and Greek books of the Bible, and there is no time to discuss the conflict that may arise during your stay at this “church”. However the Greater Baltimore Church of Christ Choir, may leave you in a state of tranquility.

ARP in Baltimore for 3 Days

Artscape 17 one

A rare art, Shoes made by hand in America

Artscape 17, two

Here’s the proof

Artscape 2017, Baltimore, MD.

The art of words on a Tee Shirt

Artscape 17, Baltimore Md.

Animals for your wall collection

Artscape 17, Baltimore Md.

Depicting a hurricane on a plate for collectors.

Artscape, Rain and Politics.

It is now 37 years since its debut, this free concert, that keeps attracting artists from all over the country, many of whom you may not have know before now.

33 Pavilions, from Morgan State University, to the new Parkway Theatre at Charles and North Avenue; Baltimore for three days became a Vegas town: food, fun and fantasy.

Rain has always been a threat to any outdoor activity in the summer, but this year (2017) it “took the cake”. there was no art to depict the affects and effects of global warming, none that I saw. You are aware of the saying, “you can run, but you can’t hide”; it became quite appropriate, for two of the three days at Artscape this year.

This was the time for half price sale signs to go up at all the booths, for patrons to dash out of their hiding places to grab deals; the signs never went up.

A young politician took advantage of the crowd, his name is Wesley West, running for the Maryland House of Delegates. (See video).

The biggest draw appeared to be Robert Randolph and the Family Band; his specialty, playing the steel guitar with his feet. (video).

ARP. No, it is not a disease, a rock band, or carnival act. Just Artscape, Rain and Politics.