Overcoming a Speech Impediment

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Actor, James Earl Jones


It is described as a condition caused by nervousness or by a physical problem. In some cases it is literally a lisp. How does such a person overcome pronouncing words with “S” sounds? Some therapists recommend, deep breathing, or blowing the words out. It takes practice, until it becomes second nature, and that tongue and teeth combination become melodious.

Some famous persons have “overcome”. African American actors, Samuel Jackson, James Earl Jones, Television Icon Barbara Walters, and Actress Marilyn Monroe. I remember country singer Mel Tillis; I was in shock to hear him speak, but what a difference when he sang!

While some folks are engaging in divisiveness, others are following the path of inclusiveness. It is an admirable position to be in when a musician on the rise to fame pays tribute to those who are not so famous, but are affected by a “speech impediment”.

Linda May Han Oh, was born in Malaysia, and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Her musical education took her to New York, where she was consumed with playing the bass, both upright and electric. Most of her music seemed to appeal to the surreal, the necessity to close your eyes and feel, not to necessarily verbalize, but utter sounds, a though you are a mute, enduring a speech impediment, i.e. abstract art in music.

The Chamber Jazz Society of Baltimore, invited Linda and her group to demonstrate this art form using the genre of jazz, at the Baltimore Museum of Art. To bask in the Malaysian sun, to feel the trepidation the South American native facing the cold winds of Peru.

Her new album is entitled WALK AGAINST THE WIND. Welcome to the world of empathy. Join hands to help in overcoming the impediment in whatever form it presents itself.

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