The Closer I Get to You


With the rapid sophistication of our society,  meeting  someone “to love” for most people today, is like studying trigonometry. Faced with such a complexity, dating sights have abounded like skyscrapers; even psychoanalysts are seeking therapy, thus the resultant

Roston and fan, following performance at Center Stage Baltimore Md.
The gospel according to Donnie Hathaway, as performed by Kelvin Roston Jr.
Roston agonizing as Donnie Hathaway

addiction forcing major consideration by law makers who are left to embrace Obamacare, rather than repeal or replace it.

“The closer I get to You,..the more you make me see”. That main line performed by Donnie Hathaway and Roberta Flack, drove lovers in 1978 and beyond,  to the admission table, although many have not felt that five hundred thousand bolt, that causes the knees to knock, and speech be momentarily slur. A year later Donnie died, suicide. He was a gift, playing piano as a three year old, grew up and attended Howard University, married, had three girls, and then he met Roberta.

It is recorded he was schizophrenic, “THE GHETTO”, “SOMEDAY WE’LL ALL BE FREE”,”WHERE IS THE LOVE”, superb hits on a major record label. But what happened to Donnie, after, The Closer I Get to You? Was he taking more pills for his mental affliction, or was the affliction intensified with his connection to Roberta?

KELVIN ROSTON has decided to create a dramatic look at Donnie Hathaway, his drugs, women and song, compiled in a one man show entitled TWISTED MELODIES. This is not a concert, yet there are concert performances, the demonstrations of pain, joy, heartache, headache, and Donnie’s death, a conclusive performance  that is artistic and memorable as Donnie himself.

Even though Donnie’s daughter La La has redone “YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME”, hearing her dad’s words in your ear as one watches this drama, truly, getting closer has consequences, reminiscent of a thunderclap at midnight or the sound of a thousand hoofs at bull run in Pamplona Spain.

(Twisted Melodies concludes April 16,  2017,CenterStage, Baltimore).


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