The Return of the Red Umbrella

Joe Ngo (my hero) and Aime Donna Kelly in the love nestWS-press-photos17

It is highly unusual for a man to say to his smiter, “I’ll go wherever you take me”; it is usually the other way round. I’m eavesdropping.
He is a young adult, lives with his sister and brother-in-law, never been married, and works as a pharmaceutical assistant. She is a mystery, but well off to have an able servant willing to do whatever, to make her mistress happy.
But as with any solid love affair, there are hurdles to overcome, putting test to the ensuing marriage, and resultant firstborn. One such challenge that many of us can relate to, is religion, the difference in belief. One that is common in America is the Jewish man marrying a woman of dissimilar faith. How do you make it a win, win for all concerned? East Indians are facing similar circumstances, where the male may displease his parents, and not marry in the faith or an Indian woman, but marries European, American, or declares himself gay!
My hero lives near the Yangtze river, where the dominant religion is Buddhism. Because he married outside the norm, he gets opposition, from no other than the Maha- Thera, a chief monk, (Peter Van Wagner) who employs all kinds of devious maneuvers, to destroy the marriage. The “alternative facts” were in full use. I felt I was watching Donald Trump without the hair!
It’s a play,(people), entitled WHITE SNAKE, filled with Chinese lessons for lovers; the conclusion is climactic, though you may lose interest in the first half. See it at Center Stage for yourself.
Aime Donna KELLY, a black actress, plays my hero’s love interest; she has a commanding voice, even though the love scenes were tepid.
Kudos to the set decorators, and the interpretations of scenes to fit the stage, just magnificent and typical of Chinese art.
And it all started when “my man” offered her his red umbrella to prevent the rain from besmirching her regal persona.

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