I Am Not Your Nigga


James Baldwin made that statement in the 1960 America. The documentary now running in selected movie houses is thrilling, moving, and heartbreaking. Phonetically well narrated by Samuel Jackson, who has now become the omniscient one selling himself to whoever makes an offer, from civil rights to Capitol One Bank, now predominantly in the black neighborhood.

Baldwin makes some salient points that struck with poignancy: he never joined the NAACP, for the paper brown blacks, did not look like him, neither did heads of the religious organizations, but Stepin Fetchit who looked like his father, “for heaven’s sake”, did not act like him.

Just imagine what Baldwin would say about Amarosa, Jim Brown, Steve Harvey and Ray Lewis!  Would he call them “niggas”? That is why Lorraine Hansberry walked out on Bobby Kennedy, then Attorney General of the United States, she would not be his “nigga”.

Baldwin talked about religion, which awakened something in me. Why are there white Baptists, as well as Black Baptists? Why are so called missionaries acting like apostles of Christ in third world countries, but quite different at home? Religion in the inner city, quite different in the suburbs? Aren’t all men created equal? Is this not constitutional in America? The theme MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, has been championed by these Baptists and evangelicals, who want morality to return to America. Is it to be like it was when nigga, colored, and negro were interchanged e.g. Colored Bathrooms, Whites Only? I know what Jesus would say about this.

“We want Barabbas!” Because Jesus was not revolutionary enough. Barabbas broke the law, and temporarily got away with it, so did Judas Iscariot. FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY.

Africans came to America unwillingly by the founding fathers, who made them their niggas. Their children are Americans with “inalienable rights”.

Baldwin knew that, and was and is applauded for his stance. The FBI considered him dangerous, because he said, BLACK LIVES MATTER, I AM EQUAL, I AM NOT YOUR NIGGA.