Fingers With Lightening Speed

Rachel Barton Pine, Courtesy of Lansing State Journal.


It is not often to attend a classical presentation, and I get the feeling of jumping out of my seat. It is not often that at such a dignified presentation of renaissance music I can be brought to tears. Often for standing ovations, it is a copycat act, so as not to look out of place, or show your ignorance of what was just presented to you, one would stand and join the ovation, this time it was genuine.

I am sitting in a 100 year old theater, feeling the magic and majesty , when introduced to our audience a figure that seemed out of the annals of Shakespeare, RACHEL BARTON PINE, an American violin prodigy.

Having just been mesmerized by the Maryland Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Elizabeth Schulze, I had no idea what I was about to see.

Elizabeth was magnificent, even the orchestra members were awestruck as she produced sounds that seemed to coming from two, not one violin.

The orchestra is celebrating its 35th year, and the fingers of lightening brought the house down with her classical rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I plead with you not to miss the next event, with Rachel on the card.

Published by Oswald Copeland

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