His Mother Called Him the “F” Word



How old was he then? Ten, eleven maybe. The circumstances under which he lived, not too unfamiliar with many to be found in low income areas. He lived with his mother, but preferred to stay with a pillar in the neighborhood, whose characteristics and practices ran conflict with the law, he,  a distributor of pharmaceuticals, not made in a registered lab, i.e. he was the ” man” of the area, the drug dealer. And guess what? He  sold the pre- teen’s  mother drugs, by way of a runner.

What is the point here? It is a movie, called MOONLIGHT.  Strung out on drugs, the users come out at moonlight, to make money to feed their habit. During the day, “tricking” is easily detected, thus the quicker chance of being arrested.

Who will go see this movie, perhaps those who are unfamiliar with this part of the underworld, and others whose lifestyle face the evangelical bullwhip, for their sexual preferences.

The conclusion of this movie could be a surprise or shock to some, almost to the level of the 2016 Presidential Election here in the USA.

This will sure be a subject of continuous discussion at internet cafes and coffee houses throughout this 2016 winter.


Ashton Sanders in MOONLIGHT Photo by David Bornfriend


Trevante Rhodes in MOONLIGHT, gold fronts and all. Bling to the teeth.


Janelle Monae, the hip hop artist well subdued, for this role in MOONLIGHT