Killing the Whipping Man


Black History month is not for consideration in the month of October, for it is Halloween season, to be followed by THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, then Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.

But amongst all of that, are some significant undercurrents of consideration. The country’s first black President, is about to leave office. He Barack

The Cast for THE WHIPPING MAN, Simon, (Percy Thomas); Caleb (Michael Joseph Donlan; John (Ian Smith)
Heralds of Hope Theater’s upcoming presentation of THE WHIPPING MAN, Directed by Barry Feinstein.

 Obama is considered by some the greatest since Abraham Lincoln, who, without argument, was the liberator of slaves in the United States

This is the time of year, when Jews celebrate their liberation from slavery to the Egyptians. The Jews were whipped by the Egyptians, and neither side has forgotten. Almost 150 years later, a metaphoric Egyptian, Hitler, did the same thing, before the enslaved emerged as Holocaust survivors.

To be liberated, both the African and the Jew had to flee “the whipping man” .

To sit through this play, could be troubling for many, however the outcome may leave you with a resolution of peace; with an urge to ask, “who really am I” ?

In this climate of color consciousness, of religious demarcations, sexual preferences, you may walk home gasping for air, at the plays conclusion, and probably shout out loud as any millennial, “shut up!” “Nooh!”

(This play concludes at the Fells Point Corner Theatre, Baltimore October 30, 2016; then moves to Howard County Md. November 11th, and 12th, Howard County Cultural Arts Center. Contact 410-997-3997)

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