Killing the Whipping Man

  Black History month is not for consideration in the month of October, for it is Halloween season, to be followed by THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, then Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. But amongst all of that, are some significant undercurrents of consideration. The country’s first black President, is about to leave office. He Barack  Obama is considered byContinue reading “Killing the Whipping Man”

Is Under Armor Rescuing Westport

  The Westport area, located off the Baltimore Washington Parkway, was once the pride of many middle-class blacks, earning above average income from the industrial complexes in the area. What was once the “Georgia plantation” in Maryland fell into hard times, when many of such industries “left town” as the Baltimore Colts football team did. Westport, MountContinue reading “Is Under Armor Rescuing Westport”