Cuba Today: An Exhibition


The McBride Gallery, Main Street, Annapolis Md.

DCF 1.0

Painting by Charlie Hunter (Chevy)


Smokin Cuban., by Bruce Bingham


Cuban Blues, Bruce Bingham


Cuban celebrity, a painting by Janet Anderson


Che Guevara


Most Americans relate Cuba as the pesky little island country, that rose up as an upstart to the USA. But what else do you know about Cuba?

It is the largest land mass in the Caribbean sea, a little smaller that the state of Pennsylvania. Only small animals live here, rodents, birds insects.

Before 1953, there were 129,000 Spaniards who migrated to Cuba, after the revolution, migration went the other way, to the United States. According to the UN, 51% of the population is mulattos, (combination of Spanish, Caribbean Indian and African). Whites, 37%, Blacks 11%.

What brought such combinations to the island? It is the product very few talk about, sugar cane. The slave trade brought the engine to harvest the sugar cane, African labor. The plantocracy found gold in sugar cane, since the indigenous Indians refused to work for the invaders.

The Revolution consequented in a dilapidated economy, with cars today, 50 years old.

The Obama Administration floated an ark to the island, and the residents by two’s are walking in. Several artists went to Cuba to capture the mood there today. The McBride Gallery, at 215 Main Street in Annapolis Maryland, has it all on display through June 26.