Stomping Joe Returns to Baltimore

5 series
Drummer Lewis Nash, with Joe Lovano’s Quartet. Baltimore Museum of Art 5/1/2016
Joe Sax
Tenor saxaphonist, Joe Lovano, as he talks with Oswald S. Copeland, Baltimore Museum of Art.
Zoot Suit
Those days on Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore, Zoot suits, and female exotica.


It is known as the FIVE FOR 5 Series, sponsored by the Baltimore Chamber Jazz Society. May ended this seasons’ collection of 5, that started in November.

The line up was Don Braden, Duduka Da Fonseca, Antonio Sanchez, Orrin Evan, and lastly Joe Lovano.

Joe recalled his time here in Baltimore, when the last of the big names were packing West Baltimore; Left Bank Jazz Society was butter rolling off  Baltimoreans tongues, like home runs with an attitude, the glory days of 33rd Street.

Zoot suits, spats, glitter, arrayed who’s who at those events. What a memorable past. Can the Chamber create a rebirth ? “would be nice”; only if there are enough agile septuagenarians.

Listening to Joe’s recollections, pushed me through the time tunnel, and I knew, he learned from the stalwarts, the “cats”, he said.

The Chamber holds its concerts, at the Baltimore Museum of Art, and this marked the 25th anniversary of the series; it was a packed house, a good sign when familiar names are featured. Here’s hoping for an even better next year.

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