The Original Birdman Lands in Baltimore

Baltimore Chamber Jazz Society
(l-R) John Escreet, piano; Seamus Blake tenor sax; Matt Brewer, bass.


BIRDMAN, the movie, won several awards in 2014, starring Michael Keaton, and the musical score was composed by a drummer.

But this drummer has some additional wings, not found on a bird. He has four Grammy Awards, and is considered one of the more innovative drummers today; but wait, the association is not with rock or pop, but with, of all genres, JAZZ.

Antonio Sanchez was born in Mexico, started playing drums in kindergarten, and later pursued a degree in classical piano.

This interest in drums and jazz propelled him into the visions of catalysts in the music business, and came to be sought after by fellow Mexican, movie director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, thus, the soundtrack.

So it was with much interest, that many in Baltimore, braved the cold weather to visit the Baltimore Museum of Art, to see him live, in conjunction with three other accomplished artists, Seamus Blake (tenor sax), John Escreet (piano), and Matt Brewer (bass).

Antonio “Birdman” Sanchez has an avid interest in education, it is unfortunate that occasions like these do not extend to our youth attending, instead the audience is filled with appreciates who are primarily septuagenarians.

Next concert, Sunday April, 3, THE ORRIN EVANS QUINTET.


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