Citizens in Adoration Meet at Shiloh

What happened in Baltimore last April, the riots, looting, burning, all within a ear shot of one of the first major mega churches in Baltimore, SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH, on Monroe Street.

It is a church layered with many “heavy hitters” as members. It is my understanding that with this church there are many focuses, one being THE OPEN CHURCH, a ministry designed to welcome all. This ministry with one of the principals being Rev. Dr. Brad Braxton, applauds itself as among the first to welcome the LGBT associates, before the acceptance became popular.

It is December, and the church has decided to embrace the scripture at Isaiah 40:3,”..prepare ye the way of the lord”.

In other words, this community church decided to celebrate the birth of Christ, with a lavish concert. Even though the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25 is unthinkable, and history verifying the stretch, in that it was a Roman Catholic attempt to win revelers, sex pots, and celebrants over to the Christian way of life, replacing revelry with the birth of Christ. Did it work? Look around at the commercialization. No one will be deliberately murdered, but revelry will abound, accidents will amount, tempers will fly, and the social fabric and security will be tested.

Reverend Braxton is not hoping for such results, so he and his associates are attempting to do the same as the Christians did in the 4th Century, make a popular pagan day, a DAY OF ADORATION.

The community came out, and overwhelmed the auditorium. I did not stay for the entire program, which by calculation seemed two hours, or more in  length, but I captured the essence of the thrust. (See video).

Shiloh was a place of meeting in ancient Israel, and highly significant in dispensing information to believers. Citizens of Baltimore were called to Shiloh for the purposes of adoration and celebration, however more importantly, to see what musical talent Baltimore has, and awaken the consciousness to rebuilding the city from the youth up.




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