Women in the Rainbow Face Another Challenge

.This rainbow of colored women, who have had “enough”, continues to face new challenges. They are in the majority of homeless ones,  the underpaid, and abused by their own; and in the majority, of the new wave, (I’m told) been given up by the medical community.

 However, from among them have arisen missionionaries of help before they themselves arrive at their personal demise.

Lorraine Bailey-Carter had an overcoming some six years ago. That baptism moved her to form an organization to help some  women buy simple things as underwear. She found out that music has healing power. I found that to be true, after attending a few concerts, where Black Baptist Soul music was on display. Women hugged, cried, raised their hands sky high, and shouted! I had no idea from what depths they were reaching to make their voices heard, so loud. Could it be pain, disappointment, frustration, unfulfilment?

Lorraine found Marc Evans, a local successful musical artist, and together they have been raising monies to benefit these struggling women in the rainbow.

At a recent Women’s Challenge Fundraiser, the encouraging theme was “rise!, rise!” with the major advocate being and up and coming Japanese singer, who took on the challenge of singing a vocal staple of the African American community, “AT LAST”. (see video).

The night in question featured a live drawing artist, LUTHER WRIGHT, commissioned to paint that singer, NAO YOSHIOKA, in performance.

For women

Nao Yoshioka, the finished product on canvas by local artist, Luther Wright

For women 2

Nao and fan pose for picture after concert in Timonium Md.

And the beat goes on, for women in the rainbow, who are finding out their challenges cannot be successfully hurdled without male infusion, a major challenge, in this century of equality, when you and I can sing the same song, but the end result is never equal.

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  1. This is a very good article. Thank you for writing it. I hope some other women read this and find encouragement from this article!

    Thanks Dad!


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