All I want is to drink and Smoke Pot



Saturday August 8, and Sunday August 9th, 2015. They descended like sudden raindrops, similar to the contrary forecasts, weather personnel often spew. The entire Pimlico Racecourse infield was transformed into a

Picture of a scene at a Moonrise Concert
Picture of a scene at a Moonrise Concert, 2014

The video is a snippet of what happened in Baltimore, published on Youtube.

modern-day “Woodstock”, as a reminder of what took place in the 1960’s when free love took the nation by storm, and Rock N Roll music drove our youth to planets not created by our creator.

THE MOONRISE FESTIVAL lasting for 12 hours each day from eleven to eleven, at a ticket cost of $200 to $225, for what? To party! And how do people who can afford those tickets party? You guessed it. To name some of the groups: ZEDS DEAD, THE FLOOZIES.

Outside Pimlico, were Baltimore’s finest, Police, Fire and Rescue, and not to mention, the organizers own Security detail. Why is this of concern to THE CULTURE PAGE?

This is inside Baltimore, in the heart of the city, what does such an art project do for the advancement of the city? Do politicians, preachers, put their hands together in applause at this influence on our youth, or are they looking the other way?

The groupies who cannot afford the tickets prices, would be hanging outside waiting for the affluent, who have to leave early to get to their suburban homes. Their entrance wrist bands, and left over paraphernalia would be handed to that lot. The economic rewards for residents in the area, came from  renting their lawn space at $20 a car; the majority race inhabiting the city, sold bottled water on wheels. Could you imagine the cost of a booth? this is not Rashfield!

” Ten to 30 million children worldwide are orphaned and must support themselves by working, begging, stealing, selling sex and trafficking illicit substances. Estimates say that up to 90 percent of these street children use substances of one kind or another. The initial use of a substance among street children is known to be as early as age 5.
World Health Organization’s Program on Substance Abuse, funded by the United Nations Drug Control Program.”

As a favor to the residents who live in zip codes 21205 and 21209, if they showed valid I.D., free entrance towards the end of the day, to join the growing drinking and pot smoking population?

So I had to leave my new-found friend, who could not afford the entrance fee, and decided to wait for the end, when he could find someone from the culture to share a “drink, and smoke some pot”., and later join a substance abuse program. MAYBE?


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